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Birthday SMS |  Text Messages

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Rating  | SMS Length  1

“There are three hundred and sixty-four days
when you might get un-birthday presents ...
only one for birthday presents, you know“

Added on  13 Jul '12 | Posted by  Jinal Vora
Categories Birthday SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

“Youth is happy
because it has the ability to see beauty.
Anyone who keeps the ability
to see beauty never grows old.”

Added on  13 Jul '12 | Posted by  Franz Kafka
Categories Birthday SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Fresh air… fresh idea…
fresh talent… fresh energy…
i wish u to have a…
special sunday..
marvellous monday…
tasty tuesday…
wonderful wednesday…
thankful thursday…
friendly friday…
successful saturday…
*have a great week ahead*

Added on  17 Sep '11 | Posted by  Amit Purohit
Categories Birthday SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Your words creates,
a unique impact..
Your thoughts and feelings,
makes me smile and cry..
You are an inspiration,
for many..
words that can describe you
aren't any..,
May you reach more milestone,
and discover more friends..

Added on  11 Nov '10 | Posted by  Saral Doshi
Categories Birthday SMS, Praise SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  3

I can't descrie 'How much I Love You',
You are my first thought in the morning,
Your care, Your smile,
Makes me feel so special...
Our fightings and your sense of humour,
Makes me feel so Happy.
I just love everything whatever you do..
Really, You are very special for me...
My Shweet Bro
A very Happy Birthday to YOU
I Just Love You

Added on  10 Nov '10 | Posted by  Nadeem Khan
Categories Birthday SMS, Love SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Friendship is about.
bringing out the positive when everything
seems negative...
Being accepted for who you are...
Being able to pick up right where you left off...
sharing, talking, and laughing...
Friendship is about us,
And for that I'm grateful.
And I hope you have the best birthday ever, friend!

Added on  29 Oct '10 | Posted by  Pragnesh Mulsaniya
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Its a dedicated ceremony,
an aniversary, but not wedding.
The easy way to tell is
its birthday.
Have a smile in all the way
nd have a lovely birthday.

Added on  18 Jun '10 | Posted by  Dushyant Vaghela
Categories Birthday SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Happy birthday to you,
Even though i wish it earlier i dun cared.
Dun forget bout our friendship,
That we’ve shared.

Added on  18 Jun '10 | Posted by  Abhishek Chaudhri
Categories Birthday SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

“Fly in the plane of ambition,
and land on the airport of success,
Luck is yours,
wish is mine
may ur future
always shine. . .

Added on  18 Jun '10 | Posted by  Hrishikesh Mehta
Categories Birthday SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

The child was born,
parents were blessed
i am so lucky to have u
as my friend.
Happy Birthday to you

Added on  18 Jun '10 | Posted by  Zeenat Khan
Categories Birthday SMS