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Superb Definitions...!

School- A Place Where Papa Pays 'n Son plays.

Life Insurance- A Contract That Keeps You Poor All Your Life So That You Can Die Rich.

Nurse- A Person Who Wakes You Up To Give You Sleeping Pills.

Father- A Banker Provided By Nature.

Experience- The Name Men Give To Their Mistakes.

Atom Bomb- An Invention To End All Inventions.

Smile- A Curve That Can Set A Lot Of Things Straight.

Compromise- The Art Of Dividing A Cake In Such A Way That Everybody Believes He Got The Biggest Piece.

Tears- The Hydraulic Force By Which Masculine Willpower Is Defeated By Feminine Water Power..!!

Added on  1 Dec '10 | Posted by  Yashesh Parmar
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Read Twice Because Quote IS Nice.
"Life Can Give Us Number Of Beautiful Lovers"..
"Only True Lover Can Give Us Beautiful Life"..!!

Added on  1 Dec '10 | Posted by  Mohit Parekh
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Whatever we do,
We Must Always Remember Our Aim.
If You Want To Fly With EAGLES,
Don't Swim With DUCKS.:)

Added on  1 Dec '10 | Posted by  Bijal Khan
Rating  | SMS Length  2

True Lover Says:
Never Blame A Girl, She Teachs Better Then Anyone Else.
If She Is With Yoy She Will Teach You How To Live,
If Leaves You,She Will Teach How To Survive..!

Added on  1 Dec '10 | Posted by  Zoya Khan
Categories Decent SMS, Love SMS, Life SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Two Beautiful Facts

1-The Most Affectionate Person Fights More Than An Enemy...
2-You Easily Melt Like Butter When The Most Lovable Person Says 'I Am Sorry'...!

Added on  1 Dec '10 | Posted by  Manali Dubal
Categories Decent SMS, Life SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

My Doors Will Be Always Open For
Those Who Have Hurtd Me,
May Be They Have Lost Their Beautiful Position
On Which They Have Once Ruled..!

Added on  1 Dec '10 | Posted by  Mitali Parekh
Rating  | SMS Length  1

One Basic Difference Between
"God" 'n "Human Being"
God "Give,Give 'n Forgives"
Human Being "Get,Get,Forgets"

Good Morning ..!

Added on  1 Dec '10 | Posted by  Jhala Dushyant
Rating  | SMS Length  3

Seven cute things to make us react..

*touching the fingers of newly born child..

*speaking wid an old frnd on sunday evening..

*waiting 4 a call or msg from lovable ones when v r alone..

*walking alone in a silent road at night..

*riding on bike in highways while raining..

*speaking wid a loved one through mobile standing in front of the mirror..

*watching d moon by lyng on d terrace..

Try to experience these happy moments.

Added on  1 Dec '10 | Posted by  Yashesh Parmar
Categories Decent SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

If A Person IS Silent,
It Doesn't Mean He IS Unknwn Of Fun 'n Thrills...
It Means Life Has Taught Him Some Lessons
Which Has Made Him Silent..!

Added on  1 Dec '10 | Posted by  Sumit Kamani
Rating  | SMS Length  1

We May Easily Forget The People With
Whom We Laughed 'n Enjoyed..
We Can't Forget Those People With
Whom We Cried 'n Shared Our Feelings...!!

Added on  26 Nov '10 | Posted by  Neerav Kubavat
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