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Rating  | SMS Length  7

Nice story-
A tired man came home late from his whole day hard work.
His 5 year old son was waiting for him at the door.

Son- Dad, May I ask You a Question ?

Dad- ya

Son- Dad, How much do you make an hour?

Dad - that's not your business.

Son- Please tel me.

Dad- 20 $ per hour.

Son- Dad,May I please borrow 10 $ .?

Dad Got Angry 'n shouted on the kid to go to the bed.
The little boy went to the room 'n shut the door.

After sometime man got calm 'n
he went to kid's room 'n said-
Sorry for being so hard. Here's Your 10 $ u asked for.

Kid smiled- ohhh... Thank You So Much daddy !
Then boy took out some coins he had kept under the pillow,
he counted them 'n said-

"Dad, I have 20 $ now.
Can I buy an hour of your time ?

Please come home early Tomorrow.
I would like to have dinner with You."

Moral - Please Give time to People who love You.. !

Share the story with People You love...
But even Better,
share 20 $ worth of time with someone you Really Love 'n Care.. !

Added on  24 Mar '11 | Posted by  Therv Tater
Rating  | SMS Length  7

If I were a month I would like to be May because my birthday is on may :)

If I were a day of week I would like to be Friday because movies release on this day ;)

If I were a time of the day I would like to be Twilight of evening because I love the scene of twilight in the evening.

If I were a season I would like to be Spring because I love rains.

If I were a Planet I would like to be Neptune because name of this planet attracts me :P

If I were a direction I would like to be east because Sun rises from east :D

If I were a Drink I would like to be lime juice because I love it :)

If I were a Flower I would like to be Yellow Rose because it is a symbol of Beautiful Friendship :)

If I were an Animal I would like to be Lion because he is the king :D

If I were a Fruit I would like to be Grapes because it is easy to eat :D

If I were a Sound I would like to be melodious sound :)

If I were a Taste I would like to be spicy.

If I were a facial expression : I would love to be tear of someone's eyes because when it rolled out, it gave some relief to a beautiful heart :)

Added on  11 Nov '10 | Posted by  Sonal Mittal
Categories Decent SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

By 5 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When He Takes My Chocolates 'n Comes Back With It's Wrapper"..

By 10 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When We Work For Project Together 'n He InTentionally Touches My Hand To Get The Pencil"..

By 15 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When We Get Caught For Bunking The Classes 'n He Takes The Blame"..

By 18 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When At Farewell He Hugs Me 'n Tells That We Will Stay In Contact"..

By 21 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When He Calls Me Every Night 'n Keeps Talking About Useless Things Whole Night Happily"..

By 25 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When He Proposses Me With A Ring 'n Makes A Fool Of Him Self 'n Says : "You Know I Love You"...

By 35 Year Old Woman:
"Love Is When He Cleans The House Seeing Me Tired"..

By 50 Year Old Woman:
"Love Is When He Is ILL 'n Still Cracks A Joke To Make Me Laugh"..

By 60 Year Old Woman:
"Love Is When He Is Taking His Last Breath 'n Saying "I'm Glad As I Know What Love Is"...

Added on  22 Nov '10 | Posted by  Jalpa Desai
Categories Decent SMS, Love SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

Love is when -
He starts getting serious about his Life,
'n she stops Thinking about It..

He Starts Saving Money to Spend only for Her,
'n She never stops Spending on herself..

He Stops Smoking, Drinking just for Her,
'n She starts Alarming about not to have Them..

He starts Getting Crazy on her Every Move,
'n She starts Realising how Beautiful is she for Someone..

He starts Telling her every Little Thing,
'n she starts Talkng about Useless Things..

He stops Sleeping just to have a little talk with her,
'n she starts Sacrificing her Sleep just to Let Him do so..

He starts Taking her as if she is his wife,
'n she starts Learning to Cook Food just to Prove it True..

He stops looking at other Girls,
'n she starts Getting Serious about her Own Looks.

He Gets Emotional while Reading this Text,
'n she Smiles for the Same.

Faling in Love is the best thing in Life..!

Dedicated To All Those Buddies Who Blieves In Love.. :-)

Added on  12 Nov '10 | Posted by  Smruti Vaghela
Categories Decent SMS, Love SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

I Love Myself The Way I Am

I love myself the way I am, there's nothing I need to change.
I'll always be the perfect me, there's nothing to rearrange.
I'm beautiful 'n capable, of being the best me I can.
'n I love myself, just the way I am.

I love you the way you are, there's nothing you need to do.
When I feel the love inside, it's easy to love you.
Behind your fears, your rage 'n tears, I see your shining star.
'n I love you, just the way your are.

I love the world the way it is, cause I can clearly see.
That all the things I judge are done, by people just like me.
So 'til the birth of peace on earth, that only love can bring.
I'll help it grow, by loving everything.

I love myself the way I am, 'n I still want to grow.
But change outside can only come, when deep inside I know.
I'm beautiful 'n capable, of being the best me I can.
'n I love myself, just the way I am.. !

Added on  4 Aug '11 | Posted by  Mihir Sejpal
Rating  | SMS Length  6

I Have Seen Castles Made Out Of Sand,
Met People Who Believe Destiny Is Engraved On The Palm Of Their Hands,

I Have Seen People Change Their Faith,
Exprienced Love Change Into Hate,

I Have Seen People Grow Younger With Age,
'n A Bird Who Would Not Fly Out Of An Open Cage,

I Have Seen Love Sold For Money,
People Who Are Devastated Inside But Outside They Are Funny,

I Have Seen The Unicorn Fall In Love With The Toad,
People Who Owned Half The City Have Now Hit The Road,

I Have Learned To Expect The Unexpcted,
Perfection Doesn't Exist,We Are All Defectd,

Everyone Cries,Some Just Hide Their Tears,
They Say Coal Turns Into Valueble Diamond..

Someone May Believe You Are One In Million,
For Others You Are Just Another Nobody In The Billion...

Cherish All Your Moments Happy or Sad,
Feel... See More Blessed With What You Are... !

Added on  12 Dec '10 | Posted by  Kartik Saxena
Rating  | SMS Length  6

Guys Here IS Real Story To Read:
Some Friends Were Going From Delhi To Jaipur IN A Taxi Whose Driver Was A Sardar (Sikh). All Of The Friends Were Making Jokes On Sikh, Sharing It With Eachother And Laughed At On The Journey.
The Sikh Driver Dint Speak Anything During The Whole Journey.He Just Listened To Them Politely And Remained Patient. At The End Of The Journey, He Called One Of Them 'n Said "I Will Not Stop You On Making Jokes On Sikh Neither I Will Tell You The Stories Of Their Bravery.Just Take This 1 Rs. Coin 'n Give It To Any Poor Sikh Beggar."6 months Passed That 1 Rs. Coin IS Still With Those Friend.

You Know Why?
Because He Dint Find Any Sikh Begging Anywhere.
Sikhs Never Give Up.
They Earn With Their Hardwork 'n Never Beg Till Their Last Breath.
Still People Don't Stop Making Jokes On Them..
Some Of Us Have Realized.
Let The Whole World Know IT!!

Added on  10 Oct '10 | Posted by  Amit Mishra
Categories Decent SMS, Sardar SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  5

All about a Girl:
When she is Quiet,
Millions of things are Running in her Mind.

When she is not Arguing,
she is thinking Deeply.

When she stares at You,
She is Wondering why You are lying.

When she calls You Everyday,
She is seeking Your Attention.

When she SMS You Everyday,
She wants You to reply at least once.

When she says i love You,
She means it.

When she says i miss You,
No one in this world can Miss You more than her.

Girls are always Special.
She is said to be 8th Wonder.
She is always a Priceless treasure.
Never hurt her or take her wrong.

Pass this to every girl to make her smile
to every boy to make them realize ..!

Added on  25 Oct '10 | Posted by  Twinkle
Categories Decent SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  5

I am not a perfect person,
And I don't try to be.
I am just another imprisoned soul,
That is longing to be set free.

I don't want to be in this place anymore,
I don't want to shed anymore tears.
I'm sick of always hiding inside of myself,
This has gone on for too many years.

I don't want to show my emotions,
Or to tell you how I feel.
I just want to know the difference,
Between what is fake and what is real.

I'm just another lost soul,
That is waiting to be found.
I'm just another liability,
That you don't want around.

I'm just falling through the air,
And I'm about to hit the ground.
But I don't expect anyone to catch me,
Because no one wants me around.

No one really cares about me,
They just ignore me everyday.
No one really cares enough,

Added on  11 Oct '10 | Posted by  Irfa Butt
Categories Decent SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  5

1st July- Today my mom and dad showed how much they love each other They slept together and my life began.

15th July- My blood circulation system is beginning now. My body is growing.

19th July- My mouth began to develop.

21st July- My heart began to beat.

22nd July- For some reason my mom is beginning to worry because I am inside her.

28th July- My hands and feet began to grow.

6th August-Now hair is starting to grow on top of my head and eyes.

8th August- My eyes are ready for use but both are still shut.

19th August- Heart is really beating now, I am growing.

20th August- Oops!! Today my mom killed me and I am no more alive.

If it had happened to you, you would not be reading this, ain't you Lucky?

Added on  10 Oct '10 | Posted by  Sweta Sherma
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