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Rating  | SMS Length  2

Smile SMS, Inspirational SMS- I created it myself...
Happiness, true happiness, is an inner quality. It is a state of mind. If your mind is at peace, you are happy. If you have everything the world can give - pleasure, possessions, power - but lack peace of mind, you can never be happy.

Added on  11 Dec '15 | Posted by  Mahek Pavagadhi
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Life SMS, Inspirational SMS - People who once never believed in you will one day talk about how they met you...
People who once never believed in you
will one day talk about how they met you...

Added on  11 Dec '15 | Posted by  Mahek Pavagadhi
Rating  | SMS Length  4

Wonderful confession by a girl in church and amazing reply she got

She:i m in love with a boy who is far away from me
I m in india and he lives in uk

We met on marriage website
Became friends on fb
Had long chats on whatsapp
Proposed each other on skype
N now 2 months of relationship through viber

I need ur blessings and good wish oh god

Guy besides her said: now get married on twitter
Have fun on tango
Buy your kids from ebay
Send them through gmail
And if u r fed up with ur husband or kids toh unko OLX pe bech de

Now sleep joke over :-*

Added on  5 Jul '13 | Posted by  sms2everyone
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Every time ur at my sight ,
u luk a little more bright .
somethime the moon shies ,
and hids somewhere in the sky .
but wat is there to do ?
i can hardly breath when ur in front of me .
not a day go by ,
that i havent thought of u.

Added on  10 May '13 | Posted by  Sterling Shrey
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Always forget the things
Which makes you worry
Remember the things
that makes you feel happy before going to bed.

Then sure you will have Pleasant Dreams.. !!

Added on  12 Jul '12 | Posted by  Dushyant Vaghela
Categories Dream SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

A child on a farm
sees a plane flying over head
'n Dreams of flying..

pilot on the plane sees the farm house
'n Dreams of returning home..!!

Thats life.!!

Added on  11 Jul '12 | Posted by  Dushyant Vaghela
Categories Dream SMS, Life SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

The only time am not thinking about you is
when am sleeping,
thats when I am dream of you.. !

Added on  11 Jul '12 | Posted by  Jayesh Panchal
Categories Dream SMS, Love SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Its gonna be a dream come true:D
Every girls dream man will come on a white horse! ;)
All thanks to the petrol price hike! =D =))

Added on  11 Jul '12 | Posted by  Jessica Simpson
Categories Dream SMS, Funny SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Its good to sit alone for at least some time everyday..
When you sit alone,
don't sit with your past..
Sit alone to dream your Future..!

Added on  9 Jul '12 | Posted by  Amit Pathak
Rating  | SMS Length  1

There Are Moments In Life
When You Miss Someone So Much That
You Just Want To Pick Them From Your Dreams
Hug Them In Real.. !!

Added on  9 Jul '12 | Posted by  Shreyansh Shah
Categories Dream SMS, Miss You SMS
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