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Good Night SMS |  Text Messages

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Rating  | SMS Length  1

Tiny starz shining bright,
Its time 4 me 2 say goodnite,
So close ur eyes nd snuggle up tight,
I'm wishing u sweet dreams 2nite

Added on  7 Jun '10 | Posted by  Aman Sahni
Categories Dream SMS, Good Night SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Let the Most Beautiful
Dream come 2 u 2night,
Let d Sweetest Person
Come in ur Dream 2night.
But don’t make it a Habit
Because I’m not Free Every 9t.
Good Night

Added on  7 Jun '10 | Posted by  Avinash Tyagi
Categories Good Night SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

What a pity! I’m not at your place!
Miles separate me from you

This night in my dreams I’ll see your face
Good night, my angel, I hope you miss me too!

Added on  7 Jun '10 | Posted by  Pallavi Sheth
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Sky may be black or it may be blue.
Stars will twinkle and bless u.
As long as your heart is true,
Sweet dreams will always be with u. gud nyt.

Added on  6 Jun '10 | Posted by  Poorak Sharma
Categories Good Night SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

At this moment
3.7 Millions r sleeping,
2.3 Millions r falling in Love,
4.1 Million r eating n only one
cute person in the whole
world is reading my SMS

Added on  6 Jun '10 | Posted by  Ravnish Shinde
Categories Good Night SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Salt has an Unique nature,
Its presence is not felt but its
absence makes things TASTELESS.
Make your absence noticable,
be making your presence Valueable!

Added on  5 Jun '10 | Posted by  Poorak Sharma
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Night is Silent,

Night is Beautiful,

Night is Calm,

Night is Quiet..


Night is not complete

Without Wishing U

Good night.

Sweet dreams!.

Added on  5 Jun '10 | Posted by  Dushyant Vaghela
Categories Good Night SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

A day is going to end again.
It is nice to have a friend like U
making my everyday seems so great.
Thank U my good friend lastly
good night n sweet dreams…

Added on  4 Jun '10 | Posted by  Avinash Tyagi
Rating  | SMS Length  1

=*Nice Thought*=

"Stop Thinking in Terms of Limitations
Start Thinking in Terms of Possibilities."
Then Feel The Change in Your Life.
Good night .

Added on  4 Jun '10 | Posted by  Shrishti Das
Categories Good Night SMS, Life SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

My day won’t certainly be over
for I have something left to do.

I just couldn’t sleep yet without
saying I love you. Good Night

Added on  4 Jun '10 | Posted by  Pallavi Sheth
Categories Good Night SMS