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Rating  | SMS Length  1

The Best Attitude
by a Very Experienced Person
Talking About Me Behind My Back,

“That Means My Life is
Obviously More Interesting Than Yours”.. !

Added on  7 Jan '12 | Posted by  Prachi Agarwal
Categories Inspirational SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Enjoy the Little Things in Life…

…for one day you’ll look
Back and Realize they were the Big things.

Added on  26 Dec '11 | Posted by  Manish Pandey
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Don’t go for the looks,
they're deceiving.

Don’t go for wealth,
even that fades away —

Go for someone who makes you smile
Sometimes that's all it takes to make
even the darkest day seem bright."

Added on  25 Dec '11 | Posted by  Nilay Parmar
Categories Inspirational SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

When someone sees
You at your Worst
Still thinks You look your Best.
That is someone Worth Keeping.. !

Added on  25 Dec '11 | Posted by  Lalit Mehta
Categories Inspirational SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Sometimes things happen in our lives
that tear us apart inside,
If we don’t learn to look past them
‘n See the Sun shining
above the clouds,
we will forever be standing in the rain.. !

Added on  22 Dec '11 | Posted by  Priya Solanki
Rating  | SMS Length  2

A major life lesson that takes many people a whole lifetime to learn is that though material things are nice,

The passion felt for material things and material wealth will never equate to how special loving someone and being loved by someone can make you feel.

Added on  8 Dec '11 | Posted by  Hiren Prajapati
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Thank you to every person
who has ever told me I can't.
You are just another reason why I will.

Added on  2 Dec '11 | Posted by  Amit Khunt
Rating  | SMS Length  2

The key to overcoming when things fall apart for us,
is to continue to follow our hearts,
to never stop trying, and to make sure that with the following of our hearts that we continue to believe that things will eventually work out for the best.!!:):)

Added on  4 Nov '11 | Posted by  Sterling Shrey
Categories Inspirational SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Doors close on us that we may have thought we needed to open,
lead us to open doors that we probably never imagined could be opened for us.

Added on  4 Nov '11 | Posted by  Manoj Pandey
Categories Inspirational SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Think about it, We all have made plans,
and goals whether they be short term, 'n long term,
and they end up falling apart in pieces in a manner
in which we never thought could be possible.. !

Added on  4 Nov '11 | Posted by  Manoj Pandey
Categories Inspirational SMS
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