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Rating  | SMS Length  2

The joy of life consists in the exercise of one's energies,
continual growth, constant change, the enjoyment of every new experience. To stop means simply to die. The eternal mistake of mankind is to set up an attainable ideal.

Added on  7 Nov '10 | Posted by  Diya Mirja
Categories Life SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Life begins
when you get out of the grandstand into the game.

Added on  7 Nov '10 | Posted by  Bina Mishra
Categories Life SMS, Short SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

If one considered Life as a simple Loan,
One would perhaps be less exacting.
We possess actually nothing;
Everything goes through us.

Added on  7 Nov '10 | Posted by  Sejal Virani
Categories Life SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

If life was fair,
Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead.

Added on  7 Nov '10 | Posted by  Amita Mistry
Categories Life SMS, Short SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Life is filigree work.
What is written clearly is not worth much,
it's the transparency that counts.

Added on  7 Nov '10 | Posted by  Albert Spin
Categories Life SMS, Short SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  3

In College Life You Will Realize That
There Is A Purpose For Every Person You Meet...
Some Are There To Test You,
Some Will Use You,
Some Will Teach You,
Some Will Bring Out The Best In You
Some May Cause You Pain,
But You Will Learn To Move On...

So Let Go Off The People Who can't Treat You Right
Hold Onto Those Who Love You 'n See Your Real Worth... :)

Added on  5 Nov '10 | Posted by  VVP Rockers
Categories Decent SMS, Life SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Deep down,
no one really believes they have a right to live.
But this death sentence generally stays tucked away,
hidden beneath the difficulty of living.
If that difficulty is removed from time to time,
death is suddenly there, unintelligibly.

Added on  4 Nov '10 | Posted by  Aisha shah
Categories Life SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

In the game of Life
It's a good idea to have a few early Losses,
which relieves you of the pressure
of trying to maintain an undefeated season ..!

Added on  4 Nov '10 | Posted by  Neha Shah
Categories Life SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Life is raw material.
We are artisans.
We can sculpt our existence into something beautiful,
or debase it into ugliness. It's in our hands.

Added on  4 Nov '10 | Posted by  Smita Shah
Categories Life SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Tip For Lifetime:-

Try To Pretend That
You Are Happy

Slowly It Becomes
Your Habit
Finally It Becomes
Your Character ..!
Good Morning

Added on  2 Nov '10 | Posted by  Smita Patel
Categories Good Morning SMS, Life SMS