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In a party a lady wanted
to go to toilet so
she inquired with a sardar
papaji susu karne ki jagah dikhao,
sardarji replied u naughty
U show first.

Added on  9 Jun '10 | Posted by  Rohan Chauhan
Categories Naughty SMS, Sardar SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Girl: Will you love me after marriage also?
Boy: This depends on your husband, if he allows me.

Added on  8 Jun '10 | Posted by  Shrishti Das
Categories Naughty SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Which Part...
of a man's body
has no bone
full of veins
loves pumping
and responsible 4
making LOVE!
HEART!!! But i luv the way u think...

Added on  7 Jun '10 | Posted by  Amrita Singh
Categories Naughty SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Girl To A Tattoo Artist:
How Much Do U Charge For Tattooing
An Animal Just Above My Knee?
Artist: - $100 For Tiger,Rabit And Lion,
But Girraffe Is Free.

Added on  7 Jun '10 | Posted by  Avinash Tyagi
Categories Naughty SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Sardar sent SMS to his BOSS:
Me sick, no work
Boss SMS back:
When I am sick I kiss my wife try it
2 hours later sardar sms 2 boss:
Me ok, ur wife very sweet

Added on  7 Jun '10 | Posted by  Suryanshu Thakur
Categories Naughty SMS, Sardar SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

VIRGIN Mobile wantd 2 sponsor PUNJAB Kings XI.
But PRETTY said :Hw can we write 'VIRGIN'
on our t-shirts?
We r gettin F*CKD in evry match

Added on  6 Jun '10 | Posted by  Amrita Singh
Categories Funny SMS, Naughty SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Lady Doc: Tum roz subah clinic ke bahar
khade ho kar auraton ko kyon ghoorte ho?
Santa: Ji aap hi ne bahar likha hai:
"Auraton ko dekhne ka samay 9am-11am"

Added on  5 Jun '10 | Posted by  Ravnish Shinde
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Why do guys always have to say:
I'm going to court U now for you to be my girl.
Isn't it nicer to say:
Just love me now n be my girl and I'll court you forever!

Added on  5 Jun '10 | Posted by  Amrita Singh
Categories Naughty SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Santa: I got old age pension by
showing grey hair on my chest.
Jeeto: Pant ki zip khol ke dikha
dete to Disability Allowance bhi mil jaata

Added on  4 Jun '10 | Posted by  Poorak Sharma
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Good girls loosen a few buttons
when its hot,
Bad girls make it hot by loosening a few buttons!

Added on  4 Jun '10 | Posted by  Ruchika Desai
Categories Adult SMS, Naughty SMS