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Rating  | SMS Length  7

H: " How can he do so? "

M: " He has done it. It is his reality. "

H: " But he was a good person "

M: " It was your misconception."

H: "But we were friends from last two years. TWO YEARS."

M: " so what? He was making you fool from last TWO YEARS."

H: " But how could I believe such person? "

M: " It was your stupidity."

H: " No, I still think he is a good person."

M: " Why are you not accepting the reality? "

H: " I don't know but still I can't hate him may be because we shared good bonding."

After a pause

Moral : " You always take time in accepting the realities of life. Come out from your world and accepts the facts of Life soon. It will be better for you"

Sometimes in Life, trust is broken by our loves ones. We want to hate that person but can't. Instead of proving that person wrong , we face the battle between Heart and Mind. Mind always accepts the reality but heart doesn't want to proof himself wrong and keep convincing himself with the memories of past.

People are not exactly the same as we interprate them. They have different shades.

Added on  11 Nov '10 | Posted by  Mitesh Vora
Categories Life SMS, Relation SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  5

I miss that feelng of being cmplete,
Although theres nothing at all missing in my life.

I miss that one special hug that could ease all the tension 'n grief,
Although i have innumerable people who genuinely support me in time of need.

I miss that one awaited call or text during the day,
Although my Phone doesnt stop ringing until its battery givs away..

I miss the feeling
of being the most special person in someone's Life,
Although dre r ppl who say i m spcl 4 dm.

Its not often that i get this feeling,
But when i do i realise,i knw what i m missing in life..
'n That's LOVE..!!

Dedicated to all singles(For Them To Realize what they are missing),
To all the couples(so that They value what they have) :-) :-)

Added on  11 Dec '10 | Posted by  Prachi Gohil
Rating  | SMS Length  5

A boy 'n a girl were playing together. The boy had a collection of marbles. The girl had some sweets with her.

The boy told the girl that he will give her all his marbles in exchange for her sweets. The girl agreed.

The boy kept the biggest 'n the most beautiful marble aside 'n gave the rest to the girl. The girl gave him all her sweets as she had promised.

That night, the girl slept peacefully. But the boy couldn’t sleep as he kept wondering if the girl had hidden some sweets from him the way he had hidden his best marble.

If you don’t give your hundred percent in a relationship, you’ll always keep doubting if the other person has given his/her hundred percent.

Added on  7 Jul '13 | Posted by  Smruti Vaghela
Rating  | SMS Length  3

A Real Relationship,
Has Fights.
Has Trust.
Has Faith.
Has Tears.
Has Hurt.
Has Sweet Smiles.
Has Genuine Laughter.
Has Snorts Because of the Laughter.
Has Weird, Stupid, Unnecessary Arguments.
Has Patience.
Has Communication.
Its where the man
'n women wouldnt even think of looking at someone else,
Never keep anything from eachother..
Love them More 'n More every day,
Get jealous 'n Through every argument still love eachother.. ! :)

Added on  7 Jul '12 | Posted by  Komal Sorathiya
Rating  | SMS Length  3

Being in a relationship,
It’s not about the labels or becoming official.
It’s about getting to know someone well enough to develop genuine feelings for them.
It’s about being understanding and forgiving when situations are at their worst.
It’s about loving someone, not for what they have to offer but who they are.

It’s never about blaming your significant other for not treating you like how you want to be treated,
it’s about how hard they try to keep you around.. !

Added on  10 Apr '12 | Posted by  Himadri Mehta
Categories Relation SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  3

Its not "Destiny" that determines "Love"...
It's "Choice" our so-called "Destiny" is a lie!
relationship last long not because they are destined to last long.
relationship last long because two BRAVE persons made a CHOICE to KEEP it, to FIGHT for it, and to WORK for it.
other relationship fail...
not because they destined to fail....
do you agree???
They failed because one of the two, or both, made the choice to GIVE-UP...

Added on  5 Dec '11 | Posted by  Rafique ali
Categories Relation SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  3

It may not be the same,
But some things never change.
I feel it 'n I trust it,
I still believe in forever
Because that's what my heart knows.

Memories are the dew drops on our petals
That re-open the buds that have closed.
Flowers wilt as seasons change,
Though they grow a little more with rain.

The sun will shine when in need,
'n left behind, a precious seed.. !

Added on  7 Aug '11 | Posted by  Nihir Shekh
Rating  | SMS Length  3

We can love someone
'n just be happy about it even if we know that it cannot last forever.
Its is not about having someone.
It is not about owning a relationship,
it is just about being happy 'coz you know you have loved someone.
There is a purpose 'n meaning behind all events
'n this purpose n meaning develops you as a person 'n lover.
Whatever relationship you have in ur life now,
they are precisely the ones you need at this moment... !

Added on  12 Jul '11 | Posted by  Sterling Shrey
Categories Love SMS, Relation SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  3

* Why do we ask 'SORRY' even when we're not wrong..??
* Why do we 'BEND' ourselves in front of the person we care..??
* Why do we feel pleasure in 'HURTING' the one we love..??
* Why do we get 'CONSOLED' only when we cry on their shoulders who made us to cry..??

Some PAINS are more enjoyed than happiness!
Some RELATIONS are more important than ego!
Some DEFEATS are more triumphant than victory!
Some MOMENTS are more precious than breath.

Added on  6 Mar '11 | Posted by  Dushyant Vaghela
Categories Decent SMS, Relation SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  3

This Poem is Writtern by A boy Who lost his love..

She Gave me lots of Love,
I thought thats Enough.

She took me as God Gifted,
I took her for Granted.
because of my Ego

I Asked her to go
She asked me why,

I said dont love you any more.
I dint know her value when she was Around
'n when I Realized her value she was under the Ground...

So Respect the Feelings of the Person Who Loves You.. !

Added on  3 Jan '11 | Posted by  Vishal Mehta
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