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Rating  | SMS Length  2

I'm not Angry that I Lost you,
I'm sad because I once Had you..
I'm not Angry that I can't Have you,
I'm sad because I Know what I'm Missing..
I'm not Angry that you've moved on,
I'm Sad because I can't.. !

Added on  2 Jun '11 | Posted by  Sterling Shrey
Categories Break Up SMS, Love SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  4

Teach me to stop caring, When I think of what we were
Teach me to stop crying, When I see you there with him ...

Show me how to live again, When you're not here with me
Show me how to fight the fact, That we're not meant to be ...

Tell me that I'll be alright, And my life will be okay
Without you right here by my side, To hold my hand each day ...

Let these teardrops wash away, Don't let this heartbreak last...
Let me let go like you did, For you've forgotten me so fast ... !

Added on  22 Mar '11 | Posted by  Nilay Chawada
Categories Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

A Lover's Quote After Breakup-
"There were tough times
when we both kept Quiet but never more than one day..
I noted her faults point by point,
but failed to trace a bad remark about me in her record
'n that made all the Difference".. !

Added on  2 Mar '11 | Posted by  Dushyant Vaghela
Categories Break Up SMS, Love SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

I tried hard to get over with this pain..
But I really couldn't help it...
Tried to accept u just as a Friend...
But the Love I have inside for You
Its So True to forget...

Though I Died inside when you told me
how much you Love Her...
How you Cry for her...
How you Long for her love...

But you never feel the pain of my dying soul..
How eachday I broke myself to support you...
How I had to wish that you get her back...
Still Hoping that someday you'll choose me instead...

Someday I'll smile when you get her Love...
'n wish you a happy Life where I'm NOT with u..
I constantly fear that day of loosing You Forever...
But Till then I Can Keep Hoping.. :(

I pray every night 'n it isn't for me...
It's for someone else..
Sometimes I feel like I'll never feel the same again
Sometimes I just want to watch the world burn...
This empty world where you cant be Mine..!

Added on  14 Feb '11 | Posted by  Uday Kapur
Categories Break Up SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

I Had Never Been The Way I am ,
Never Thought That Things Will Go So Worst;
I Just Loved You 'n Lost,
When It Was Time to Get Myself Healed By You..

I Dont Blame You For Leaving all Deserted,
I Just Regret One Thing,
If You Had to Leave Me Then Why You Make Me? :(

Nothing Seems to Be Alright,
Your absense Has Made all the Difference

Now It Seems You Will Never Come Back,
Where Hopes are Becoming My Dreams
'n I Will Have to Leave This World Missing You even On My Funeral..

You Promised You Would Always be There
Even Though You Never are.
You say I Love You With All Of My Heart;
You said No One Would Ever Come Between Us
That Was a Lie Too =(

You Lied To Me
You Said You Loved Me Even Though It Wasn`t True.
Did you ever Know That I Will Love You Always =)

I Will Die,
I Will be crushed,
My Love will Remain Alive,
That Day You will Realize What Actually I was.. !

Added on  12 Feb '11 | Posted by  Naman Patel
Categories Break Up SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  3

After Me ..

When I will not be here,
When i will be gone forever,
When i will be dead,
Just Come to My Grave,Dont Cry ..

Just put Some Wild Flowers Beside me,
Sit along the Yard for Few Moments,
Talk to me,Cheer Me up ..

Remember the Times When We Were Together,
When We Were Friends,
Listen To My Quiet Reply..

Enjoy Those Moments,
Try to understand the Unsaid Words 'n
Consider How Much You still Mean To Me :)

Added on  11 Feb '11 | Posted by  Manoj Tiwari
Categories Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

I Wanted You... But I Lost..
I Wanted To Smile, But It Didn't Last..
Now I Know that all Of Your Memories Just Give Me Pain,
Still I Have Some Inch Hope that One Day You Gonna Come Back With Your Open Eyes To See My Closed Eyes :-(

Added on  9 Feb '11 | Posted by  Rohit Paliwal
Categories Love SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  5

Nobody knows its empty
this smile that i wear...
the real one is left in the past
because you have left me there...

Nobody knows i m crying
they wont see even my tears...
when they think that i m laughing
i still wishing you were here...

Nobody knows it's painful
they think that i m strong...
they say that this wont kill me
but i wander if they were wrong...

Nobody knows i m praying
that you will change my mind...
they think that i let you go
when you left me behind...

Nobody knows i miss you
they think i feel set free...
but i feel like i m bound with chains
trapped in the mystery...

Nobody knows i need you
they say that i can do it my own...
but" they don't know i m crying
"when i m alone.. !

Added on  8 Feb '11 | Posted by  Komal Patel
Categories Break Up SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  3

As you drift far away from Me.
I know I cant stop you..
I know My love cant hold you...
coz you have no feelings for Me..

But Still I'll be caring for your heart...
If someone breaks it...
you'll always find me right beside You..
waiting to Heal it with all my love..All my care.. !

Because oneday...
Atleast for a second..
I thought that it was mine...
'n I would love to hold on to that false dream.. !

Added on  3 Feb '11 | Posted by  Niranjan Shukla
Categories Love SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  4

Some say they are unlucky because they don't get anything..
Some say they are unlucky because they never get what they want..
But those are most unlucky...
Who get the chance to love the best...
but finally have to loose the best...

I have lived the time of my life...
I have smiled in the past..
Once I knew what happiness is...
But I have left that feeling back in the past forever..

I don't remember that once there were nights
Which I spent without crying...
The breaths have become sighs...
'n It seems so impossible for me to live anymore

The day u left...was the day I died
All My senses died 'n I'm just a Dead Soul.. !

Added on  1 Feb '11 | Posted by  Nirav Lavania
Categories Sad SMS