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Rating  | SMS Length  1

There Have Been Times,
When I Have Deliberately,
Tried To Take My Life,
I Think I Must Have Been,
Crying For Some Attention.

Added on  8 Jun '10 | Posted by  Amrita Singh
Categories Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

When you are sad I'm sad too I was my mistake
And I'm really sorry! Please forgive me!

Added on  8 Jun '10 | Posted by  Iqbal Ali
Categories Sad SMS, Short SMS, Sorry SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Let go doesnt mean 2 stop caring.
2 let go is to learn theres sumthin beyond.
2 let go means accepting reality.
To let go is lovin more coz u only want the best.

Added on  7 Jun '10 | Posted by  Suryanshu Thakur
Categories Love SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Each drop of a Tear is Costly
than anything in World..
No One knows its value
until they have it in their own eyes
For Someone.

Added on  12 Jun '10 | Posted by  Zeenat Khan
Categories Break Up SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

No sadder proof can be
given by a man of his own littleness,
Than disbelief in great men.
- Thomas Carlyle

Added on  11 Jun '10 | Posted by  Manan Malik
Categories Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

I really dont know what to say
Nothing I guess
Because anything that comes out of my mind,
you interpret to a lie
thanks for trusting me

Added on  10 Jun '10 | Posted by  Dushyant Vaghela
Categories Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

The most painful situation in life is
when we are waiting for our dear one
without knowing that they are avoiding us.!

Added on  11 Jul '12 | Posted by  Pratik Vithalani
Categories Love SMS, Life SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  1

One day, You'll look back at the pains 'n hurts from your past.
You'll realize that those painful moments are the best thing that has happened to you... !

Added on  3 Nov '11 | Posted by  Pravin Godbole
Categories Romantic SMS, Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  3

No one is mine
May be Im not fine,

No one cares 4 me
No one has tears 4 me,

No one belives me
Everyone says leave me,

If I ever cry
No one wil even ask why?

and If I ever die
No one will cry,

No one says take care
Everyone says I dont care,

When I need someone 4 myself
I find no one 4help,

I dont know why?
Maybe talking to me they feel shy..!!

No one is mine
Maybe I m not fine. .. :-|

Added on  13 Jun '10 | Posted by  Veni Jain
Categories Sad SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  2

I saw you sitting 'n crying.
I askd you why?
But you didn't ans.
I came 'n sat near you.
I tried to hold your arms 'n wipe out your tears
But you just went away.

Then only i realised that
you were sitting on my grave after my death..
hope you will be such a friend till my last heart beat.. :-)

Added on  24 Nov '10 | Posted by  Dushyant Vaghela