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Character Is Like A Tree
Reputation Like A Shadow
The Shadow Is What We Think Of It;
The Tree Is The Real Thing.

Added on  18 Nov '10 | Posted by  Punit Parmar
Rating  | SMS Length  2

"When A Person Takes Revenge From His Enemy,
Then He Equals The Status Of His Enemy,
"If He Pardons His Enemy,Then He Acquires A Higher Status
Against His Enemy..!"

Added on  18 Nov '10 | Posted by  Prateek Sherma
Rating  | SMS Length  2

People say:
"Find good people 'n Leave bad ones".
what I would say is
Find the Good in People 'n Ignore the Bad in Them..!

Let's Remember- No one is perfect..

Added on  16 Nov '10 | Posted by  Minal Vora
Categories Wise SMS Quotes
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Feeling Tension?
"Think Me"
Feeling Sad?
"Call Me"
Feeling Lonely?
"See Me"
Feeling Sleepy?
"Dream of Me"
My Name is
"Self Confidence"
Never Loose Me...:-D

Added on  16 Nov '10 | Posted by  Himali Tiwari
Rating  | SMS Length  1

A beautiful saying
"Words are under
Your control until u speak them.."
"but You come under
their control once u have spoken them..!"

Good Morning !

Added on  16 Nov '10 | Posted by  Minal Mitra
Rating  | SMS Length  1

A Nice Saying
"If someone point out Your mistakes?.
Be happy
that atleast Someone is interested in what you have Done!".

Added on  12 Nov '10 | Posted by  Jackie Vaghela
Rating  | SMS Length  2

Never make up your mind
on others Perspective or Experiences.
Their views may mislead you
or decrease your confidence.

Listen them carefully and move with full confidence.

Always make your own Experiences in Life.

Added on  11 Nov '10 | Posted by  Rimi Prashad
Rating  | SMS Length  1

Sucess does not depend on making
important decisions quickly,
but depends on your quick actions on
important decisions.

Added on  10 Nov '10 | Posted by  Satnam Chahal
Rating  | SMS Length  2

There might be some hours of loneliness in a day...
But there is something wonderful even in loneliness...
At least you belonged to yourself when you were lonely....!

Added on  2 Nov '10 | Posted by  Sunil Jain
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Write something to suit yourself.....
Many people will like it....


Write something to suit everybody....
Scarcely anyone will care for it.....

Added on  30 Oct '10 | Posted by  Ankit Shah