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Sms2everyone brings you whole new treasure of SMS covering Every situation you may get in, Every possible feelings you may have, Almost all festivals and Special days. Sms2everyone helps you express your feelings to your beloved ones and keep your presence alive in their hearts forever.

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Rating  | SMS Length  6

If you love some one because you think that he or she is really gorgeous ....then it's not love .. it's "Infatuation"

If you love some one because you think that you shouldn't leave him because others think that you shouldn't ... then it's not love.. it's "Compromise"

If you love some one because you have been kissed by him ... then it's not love.. it's "Inferiority complex"

If you love some one because you cannot leave him thinking that it would hurt his feelings .. then it's not love .. it's "Charity"

If you love some one because you share every thing with him ... then it's not love... it's "Friendship"
If you feel the pain of the other person more than him even when he is stable 'n you cry for him ... that's "LOVE"

If you get attracted to other people but stay with him without any regrets... that's "LOVE"

If you let him go knowing that he has to go but he doesn't want to ... that's"LOVE"

Added on  23 Aug '10 | Posted by  Twinkle
Categories Friendship SMS, Love SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

Guys Here IS Real Story To Read:
Some Friends Were Going From Delhi To Jaipur IN A Taxi Whose Driver Was A Sardar (Sikh). All Of The Friends Were Making Jokes On Sikh, Sharing It With Eachother And Laughed At On The Journey.
The Sikh Driver Dint Speak Anything During The Whole Journey.He Just Listened To Them Politely And Remained Patient. At The End Of The Journey, He Called One Of Them 'n Said "I Will Not Stop You On Making Jokes On Sikh Neither I Will Tell You The Stories Of Their Bravery.Just Take This 1 Rs. Coin 'n Give It To Any Poor Sikh Beggar."6 months Passed That 1 Rs. Coin IS Still With Those Friend.

You Know Why?
Because He Dint Find Any Sikh Begging Anywhere.
Sikhs Never Give Up.
They Earn With Their Hardwork 'n Never Beg Till Their Last Breath.
Still People Don't Stop Making Jokes On Them..
Some Of Us Have Realized.
Let The Whole World Know IT!!

Added on  10 Oct '10 | Posted by  Amit Mishra
Categories Decent SMS, Sardar SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

Love is when -
He starts getting serious about his Life,
'n she stops Thinking about It..

He Starts Saving Money to Spend only for Her,
'n She never stops Spending on herself..

He Stops Smoking, Drinking just for Her,
'n She starts Alarming about not to have Them..

He starts Getting Crazy on her Every Move,
'n She starts Realising how Beautiful is she for Someone..

He starts Telling her every Little Thing,
'n she starts Talkng about Useless Things..

He stops Sleeping just to have a little talk with her,
'n she starts Sacrificing her Sleep just to Let Him do so..

He starts Taking her as if she is his wife,
'n she starts Learning to Cook Food just to Prove it True..

He stops looking at other Girls,
'n she starts Getting Serious about her Own Looks.

He Gets Emotional while Reading this Text,
'n she Smiles for the Same.

Faling in Love is the best thing in Life..!

Dedicated To All Those Buddies Who Blieves In Love.. :-)

Added on  12 Nov '10 | Posted by  Smruti Vaghela
Categories Decent SMS, Love SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

By 5 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When He Takes My Chocolates 'n Comes Back With It's Wrapper"..

By 10 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When We Work For Project Together 'n He InTentionally Touches My Hand To Get The Pencil"..

By 15 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When We Get Caught For Bunking The Classes 'n He Takes The Blame"..

By 18 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When At Farewell He Hugs Me 'n Tells That We Will Stay In Contact"..

By 21 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When He Calls Me Every Night 'n Keeps Talking About Useless Things Whole Night Happily"..

By 25 Year Old Girl:
"Love Is When He Proposses Me With A Ring 'n Makes A Fool Of Him Self 'n Says : "You Know I Love You"...

By 35 Year Old Woman:
"Love Is When He Cleans The House Seeing Me Tired"..

By 50 Year Old Woman:
"Love Is When He Is ILL 'n Still Cracks A Joke To Make Me Laugh"..

By 60 Year Old Woman:
"Love Is When He Is Taking His Last Breath 'n Saying "I'm Glad As I Know What Love Is"...

Added on  22 Nov '10 | Posted by  Jalpa Desai
Categories Decent SMS, Love SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

I Have Seen Castles Made Out Of Sand,
Met People Who Believe Destiny Is Engraved On The Palm Of Their Hands,

I Have Seen People Change Their Faith,
Exprienced Love Change Into Hate,

I Have Seen People Grow Younger With Age,
'n A Bird Who Would Not Fly Out Of An Open Cage,

I Have Seen Love Sold For Money,
People Who Are Devastated Inside But Outside They Are Funny,

I Have Seen The Unicorn Fall In Love With The Toad,
People Who Owned Half The City Have Now Hit The Road,

I Have Learned To Expect The Unexpcted,
Perfection Doesn't Exist,We Are All Defectd,

Everyone Cries,Some Just Hide Their Tears,
They Say Coal Turns Into Valueble Diamond..

Someone May Believe You Are One In Million,
For Others You Are Just Another Nobody In The Billion...

Cherish All Your Moments Happy or Sad,
Feel... See More Blessed With What You Are... !

Added on  12 Dec '10 | Posted by  Kartik Saxena
Rating  | SMS Length  6

Well maybe now I should just say goodbye
You used to be my friend
But I never felt I really was yours
So maybe this is the end.
I'm different from you, all of you
Each other we've never understood
I hope that if I do tell you goodbye
That it won't be for good.
Whenever I'm mad it hurts me so bad
And you don't even care
I don't know why, I just want to cry
And someday I won't be there.
The streaks on my arm they've done me no harm
They're only made of pen
But once they are blood that turns brown like mud
They'll be there again and again.
If I'm mad at you I'll hurt myself too
But that doesn't really matter
Although when I hurt I feel like dirt
And my spirit's bruised and battered.
I do not know why it has to be so
I really wish it did not
But the way this has been going
it is basically shot.
You don't need me and we don't need we
And that's how I think I know why
These words are the ones I have to speak-
I love you, but goodbye.

Added on  2 Jan '11 | Posted by  Arpit Vora
Rating  | SMS Length  6

I reached out for your hand
You didn't seem to care;
You can only reach so far
When no one else is there.

Others also reached for you
Hoping to make you see;
That we're just as important
As he will ever be.

We wish we could reach further
But we are only so strong;
We hoped your eyes would open
So that you'd see you're wrong.

It hurts to have to reach far
When you once were so near;
It's hard shouting out for you
With our voices you don't hear.

We wish you'd extend your hand
And sense the friendship there;
Knowing what our memories mean
Showing us you still care.

We realize you don't reach back
Instead his hands with yours;
You can't handle both the worlds
So you close common doors.

We're done reaching for the past
You are now on your own;
We hope he is all worth it,
Without him you're alone.

Added on  7 Jan '11 | Posted by  Dixit Vora
Categories Friendship SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

This is for you, My Best Friend,

The one person i can tell my soul too
Who can relate to me like no other
Who I can laugh with to no extents,
Who I can cry too when times are tough,
Who can help me with the problems of my life.

Never have you turned your back on me
Or told me I wasnt good enough
Or let me down

I don't think you know what that means to me
You have went through so much pain
'n you still have time For me.
'n I love you for listening even when inside YOU are dying
'n I look up too you because you are strong,
'n caring 'n beautiful.

Even though you don't think you are.

'n I hope you know that I am always here
To listen to you laugh
'n cry 'n help

In all the ways that i can
'n I will try to be at least half the friend you are To me.

I hope you know I would not be the person I am today,
with out you.My Best Friend. !

Added on  20 Jan '11 | Posted by  Zala Dushyant
Categories Friendship SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

A short story-One day god send a chair to Two Lovers...
The speciality of that chair was that the person sitting on it if says TRUTH,Then the GREEN lite would blink 'n if person sitting on it says LIE,Then RED lite would blink....
Boy sat on the chair..

GIRL-Do you LOVE me?

BOY-Yes I love You...(RED lite blinks..) :(

GIRL-Don't worry there will be mistake dne by god..!!
I'll ask You again 'n then We'll see what Will happen...

GIRL-Do You LOVE me?

BOY-yes I love you... (GREEN light blinks) :)

Do you know what happened when First Time the Girl asked,
The boy actually was NOT IN LOVE with her...
he LIED ..
But when girl showed her trust on the boy...
That boy truly started LOVING the girl....:)

Thats LOVE.. !

Moral Of The Story-
"One Sided Love Can Win Too... If You Show Your Trust.. ! :))

Added on  8 Feb '11 | Posted by  Rahan Pattani
Categories Love SMS
Rating  | SMS Length  6

I Had Never Been The Way I am ,
Never Thought That Things Will Go So Worst;
I Just Loved You 'n Lost,
When It Was Time to Get Myself Healed By You..

I Dont Blame You For Leaving all Deserted,
I Just Regret One Thing,
If You Had to Leave Me Then Why You Make Me? :(

Nothing Seems to Be Alright,
Your absense Has Made all the Difference

Now It Seems You Will Never Come Back,
Where Hopes are Becoming My Dreams
'n I Will Have to Leave This World Missing You even On My Funeral..

You Promised You Would Always be There
Even Though You Never are.
You say I Love You With All Of My Heart;
You said No One Would Ever Come Between Us
That Was a Lie Too =(

You Lied To Me
You Said You Loved Me Even Though It Wasn`t True.
Did you ever Know That I Will Love You Always =)

I Will Die,
I Will be crushed,
My Love will Remain Alive,
That Day You will Realize What Actually I was.. !

Added on  12 Feb '11 | Posted by  Naman Patel
Categories Break Up SMS, Sad SMS