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All about a Girl...

Rating  | SMS Length  5

All about a Girl:
When she is Quiet,
Millions of things are Running in her Mind.

When she is not Arguing,
she is thinking Deeply.

When she stares at You,
She is Wondering why You are lying.

When she calls You Everyday,
She is seeking Your Attention.

When she SMS You Everyday,
She wants You to reply at least once.

When she says i love You,
She means it.

When she says i miss You,
No one in this world can Miss You more than her.

Girls are always Special.
She is said to be 8th Wonder.
She is always a Priceless treasure.
Never hurt her or take her wrong.

Pass this to every girl to make her smile
to every boy to make them realize ..!

Added on  25 Oct '10 | Posted by  Twinkle
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