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Diary Of An Unborn Baby...

Rating  | SMS Length  5

1st July- Today my mom and dad showed how much they love each other They slept together and my life began.

15th July- My blood circulation system is beginning now. My body is growing.

19th July- My mouth began to develop.

21st July- My heart began to beat.

22nd July- For some reason my mom is beginning to worry because I am inside her.

28th July- My hands and feet began to grow.

6th August-Now hair is starting to grow on top of my head and eyes.

8th August- My eyes are ready for use but both are still shut.

19th August- Heart is really beating now, I am growing.

20th August- Oops!! Today my mom killed me and I am no more alive.

If it had happened to you, you would not be reading this, ain't you Lucky?

Added on  10 Oct '10 | Posted by  Sweta Sherma
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