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Broken Trust...

Rating  | SMS Length  7

H: " How can he do so? "

M: " He has done it. It is his reality. "

H: " But he was a good person "

M: " It was your misconception."

H: "But we were friends from last two years. TWO YEARS."

M: " so what? He was making you fool from last TWO YEARS."

H: " But how could I believe such person? "

M: " It was your stupidity."

H: " No, I still think he is a good person."

M: " Why are you not accepting the reality? "

H: " I don't know but still I can't hate him may be because we shared good bonding."

After a pause

Moral : " You always take time in accepting the realities of life. Come out from your world and accepts the facts of Life soon. It will be better for you"

Sometimes in Life, trust is broken by our loves ones. We want to hate that person but can't. Instead of proving that person wrong , we face the battle between Heart and Mind. Mind always accepts the reality but heart doesn't want to proof himself wrong and keep convincing himself with the memories of past.

People are not exactly the same as we interprate them. They have different shades.

Added on  11 Nov '10 | Posted by  Mitesh Vora
Categories Life SMS, Relation SMS
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