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A boy lived wid his Girl Roommate...

Rating  | SMS Length  4

A boy lived wid his Roommate,
Who was a girl..His mom visitd him Oneday.
At the dinner,
seeing the chemistry
See doubts thers somemthing between them.
She asks but he refuses.
Than Mom leaves..
The girl complaind that her favorite Silver jar is missing since mom left..
Boy askd mom:
I am not saying you did steal the jar,
also I am not saying you did not.
But its missing since you joined us 4 dinner..

Mom replied:
I am not saying you do sleep with her,
Also i am not saying you Do Not.
But if She had slept on her own bed,
She would have found it under her pillow..!

MoRaL- Cheatng
M0M is realy
" ImP0ssiBLe "

Added on  23 Nov '10 | Posted by  Prashant Tiwari
Categories Decent SMS, Naughty SMS
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