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Exam tym ho to Cello hi lena...

Rating  | SMS Length  4

A boy loved a gal.
He was a true lover. He talked to d gal many times abt his attrction 2wards her, bt she ignored him. One day d boy brought a pen for d gal. He gav her d pen. D gal took dat pen wid her wen she had to giv her xams. But as she started writing, d pen stopd wrkng. She didnt hv another pen. Nobody helpd her nd she finally failed in d xam. She was a gud student otherwise.
Depressed, she ws walkin alone on a road at nyt whn suddnly a truck hit her nd she died.
Wen d boy came 2 knw abt dis, he 2 suicided by jumping frm a mountain. Dat was d end of d 2 lovers.

Moral: xam tym ho to Cello hi lena....!

Added on  1 Dec '10 | Posted by  Leena Shah
Categories Exam SMS, Funny SMS, Love SMS
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