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I'm Committed But I'm Single...

Rating  | SMS Length  4

I'm Committed But I'm Single...
My Love 'n My Faith is only for you...

In My Mind You Are the only one who Rules..
'n I Let no one else come into my Life...

I know I'll never Get You As Mine..
But Still My Heart 'n Soul Waits for ur Love...

I Wish You to have a Happy Life..
With Your Love...
Where You Get all Your Happiness 'n Love..
But I Belive that None can Love You More Than Me..

I'm Committed for the World..
But For you I'm still Single..'n I'll always Be...
Commited only towards Your Love.. !

Added on  21 Jan '11 | Posted by  Minal Mehta
Categories Love SMS, Valentine SMS
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