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Have you tried Saying you are Ok
but you are not?

Pretending to understand
but you don't?

Acting like you are busy
but in reality you are lonely?

Convincing people that you just want to be friends
but what you really want is more than friend?

When you know that he/she has somebody else
'n you pretend that it doesn't hurt
but it really hurts bad inside?

When you say you have moved on,
but the truth is you are just still waiting?

When you say you are over with him/her,
but you know you still love him/her?

When you say you can't relate with this msg,
but you really do?

Thats What The Life Is:-)

Good Morning 'n Have A Nice Weekend..!!

Added on  26 Feb '11 | Posted by  Yashash Parmar
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