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Have you ever...

Rating  | SMS Length  5

Have you ever:
Felt sad dat your dream wasn't real...;-(
Tried to finish a dream by going back 2 sleep...:-O
Charged your cell 4-5 mins because you thought
it would make a difference...:-P
Found money in your pocket you never thought you had...:-D
Planned with your friends before you actually ask for your parents permission...;-)
Tried 2 balance a light switch...:-x
Sent a risky text 'n felt like eternity while waiting for the reply...:->
Made crazy scenarios in your head that won't actually ever happen...:-O
Felt a moment of joy when you saw your crush smile at you...;-)
Thats life...:-D
Take as it comes...B-)
Every moment is special :-)
Live the moment :-)

Added on  8 Jul '12 | Posted by  Krupali Mehta
Categories Decent SMS, Life SMS
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